Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Intellectual Boot Camp, IRT

I still haven't had a good night's sleep and still jet lagged but it feels good.. Today was our first day and I facilitated class. For a narrative on American Indian boarding schools I had the class draw out signs of dehumanization and then compared them to how schools can be a dehumanizing experience today. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be around a large group of folks of color wanting to work in education and covering some dense material. It feels safe. To talk about white supremacy while unpacking Gramsci, Althusser, and Stuart Hall with future teachers of color is beautiful. Its definately an environment for growth and a space for springing forth some new ideologies. Tomorrow we are looking at crime and punishment and Foucault, Giroux, Bhattacharjee (?), Arsanjani & Reisman (?). It will be hard to update yall cause the work is really dense and our days are PACKED! But now that I got my internet fixed, I will try, I promise.

Today while beginning on our orientation on the GRE, one of our students fainted outside of the classroom due to a hemmoroids condition. He also had presented today. I rode with him to the hospital. Life is so unexpectant and I think I was brought back down to earth and reminded of the things I often take for granted. Doctor said he'll be fine. Came back drained and took the GRE practice test and scored really bad. Not really trippin', knowing the politics of these tests (also owned by S.A.T.) and the fact that they tell you NOTHING about your qualification for grad school.

Staff has been really fun, supportive, and GREAT resources with varying perspectives. No, I haven't figured out the whole M.A.T. vs Ph.D. situation. Most students here though have no idea what they are going to focus on though. I feel I have a better sense of direction than alot of folx. I think with some staff support and talking to my mentor it'll be an easier decision to make.

Participants are so varied in experiences, and it amazes me how we all are drawn to similar goals. Folx from the midwest, south, both coasts, and even Korea and Trinidad &Tobago. Excited to collaborate with more folks on a personal level, but I've been kickin it with three dope women and already growin attatched. Seminars are lively and I'm finally feeling challenged within a classroom setting. Its about 10:30pm and I need to get started on some readings. Hope I get into the groove of things soon, post here more often, and chat with some of yall (AIM: LaTigera81).. I'll also be dropping by the Radical WOC Think Tank with some contributions.. Wish I had a digi camera so I could share some images right away..
If yall wanna send me some love, a postcard, or some good healthy midnight snacks:

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I'll be here till July 22nd..
Much Luv,
P.S. Posted some Black and White Photos. Slideshow commin soon. I'm tryna find the best setup to make it easier for folx to purchase some photography (which I am still sellin while I'm out here!). I'm sad that I didn't have time to scan all my black and whites but I got a few good ones in...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Back on the Ball

And still broke...

Although I just got my computer back and I can't wait to post up my black and whites! I got and sent out the first batch of 12 x 18 colors and they are so fuckin tight! I am SO into big sizes now.. so much more detail that I didn't really notice was there.. Can't wait to get my black and whites oversized!

Workin at the school has been a BLAST! My students are grindin on black and whites on structural/symbolic/every day violence; immigration rights; education; and youth culture.. These WILL be posted up too before I bounce off to Massechussettes! I'm also helpin out my mentors with their A.P. Sociology class, and they are workin on research projects for their hoods.. the group I am working with in particular is looking at "embourgeoisement thesis" in their community, involving powerpoint presentations, research papers, and a dope ass documentary...of course....this also will get posted by tomorrow when its finalized. :) For their academic classes (humanities, math, science, ect..), students have to do additional presentations in front of peers and community members on some of subject matter they've been working on this friday in a series of "exhibitions". Maybe I'll shoot some video of this and post some good ones up too..

And now that I've gotten my computer back I can move back to plannin the rest of my life (so sad I know!).
Part of my research project for my internship is to look at programs I plan to study in grad school. I've been asking a few people questions about Phd studies before I got my computer back. I'm feeling undecisive about how to go about this. My plan evolved into persuing a masters in english education and then go on to an urban education phd program. Now I'm reconsidering just going straight into the phd program knowing that my ultimate goals are to influence schools and start one if not a series of community schools in nyc. I need to and want to teach, though. So I'm wondering if these education/urban education/learning and teaching/education, culture, and society phd programs (as they are specifically named by some of the universities I looked at) will qualify me for the coursework necessary to take credential tests for nyc schools... And even if they are, is it a smart or a dumb idea to skip the english master's program, knowing that it might provide me with some support for teaching specifically in the subject area??? Hmmm...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still Here

In case yall been wonderin where I've been in the blog world.. they're still takin ages to fix up my computer.. I see there's been alot of action lately and I missed the recent carnaval :( I'll be back full blast soon as I get ma baby back ;) Meanwhile, I'm havin a blast puttin the extra free time to the school I work with :)