Saturday, August 22, 2009

Self-Portait: Portadora de Vida

So here is my first completed photomontage self-portrait. I'd like to decode all of the symbols I've incorporated and explain why I've decided to add specific details, but I think I'll leave it for viewers to interpret. I'll just say this piece reflects the array of changes and emotions I've experienced since learning I was carrying a life inside me.

I'm considering working on a series of these of other pregnant women. If you're interested in modeling and living in/near the NYC area, shoot me an email: RosaDominicana at gmail dot com.

Photomontage on wood with acrylics and mounted copper, mirror pieces, and painted conch shells. 18" x 48".

Photomontage method was taught to me by Keba Konte. Check out his work at