Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still Here

In case yall been wonderin where I've been in the blog world.. they're still takin ages to fix up my computer.. I see there's been alot of action lately and I missed the recent carnaval :( I'll be back full blast soon as I get ma baby back ;) Meanwhile, I'm havin a blast puttin the extra free time to the school I work with :)


skyscraper said...

yeah, girl,
have been wondering where you were. but it's good to hear that you're effectively using the extra time for the purposes of school. i hope you'll find this respite from the blogosphere very useful and re-energizing.
hope to have you back soon,

fiercelyfab said...

ditto with what skyscraper said. Respites are good...whenever you're back we'll be here waiting for you!