Monday, May 29, 2006

Rodney King..

So let me do this before this computer I'm on shuts me down again...
I'm writing a paper on Black and Latino relations and comparing them West Coast and East Coast. I came across some info on the Rodney King Riots and found some Black and Whites on the Riots that I hella like..
I was 12 years old when this happened and I don't remember my parents or any of my teachers talking to us about what was going on.. I wish they did.. This story really moved me:

Cora Looney. Aged 102,
(as verified by her driver’s license)

After hearing on the news and on the street how officers were beating and shooting suspected looters, she went to every policeman she could find and pleaded for them to show restraint.

To not hurt anyone else. To please end the bloodshed and violence.

They laughed in her face.

She cried, but did not stop.

Accompanying Cora is her 78 year old daughter who drove her around in this 90 degree, smoke filled heat.


fiercelyfab said...

I remember the days vividly...and was scared to death.

all I heard from teachers and parents was 'looters' both the brown and the black were up to no good.

IT was a horibble experience...I literally thought that the world was ending, the psyche guilt ridden Catholic upbrining maybe the cause.

Tigera Consciente said...

see they could have used this against us too.. i was in catholic school at the time.. lol

Pomegranate Queen said...

shit I remember that time well (tho I wasn't there) - the story of the old woman is intense, thanks for sharing it - your research sounds mad interesting and it sounds like you're picking up the west coast slang too (hella!) ;)

twostepsforward said...

hey - i'm really glad i found your blog. i also live in oakland.

Tigera Consciente said...

sup two steps.. summer's in and da O's gettin all hyphy again right? niggas gettin shot left and right evry nite..

skyscraper said...

wow, what a powerful and heart-wrenching photo commentary! i went through the entire set on their site; i'm just speechless. thank you for bringing this up, tigera. i also knew almost nothing of those events, just knew they happened and the name, but i just read up some major history behind the riots at your tip.