Friday, November 24, 2006

Ok So MYSPACE is actually tight..

I kept away from it for a long while because I heard that FOX got in on it and had access to our info/images.. I read the terms of agreement and they're actually not supposed to share anything on ourspace with others.. well at least that's what it says, who knows.. Anyways my students have taught me that its a great networking tool.. But the thing is so damn addictive! Well be sure to check out my profile ( and add me if you have one too... I'll be posting some of my work on there as well..


fiercelyfab said...

girlfriend, not into Myspace but I do gotta say your Myspace page is tight!

You and sky are really making me wanna get my own now.

But then that means I'll have to keep up my already sporadic written blog, flickr account, mybloglog communities, technorati, etc, etc.

Tigera Consciente said...

i didn't know sky had one! i'ma look for her. Alot of the thinks I hook up on myspace i share with this blog, so the myspace is actually making my blog tighter lol! Since myspace is alot more popular, i'm trying to make links between the two, and the youth, my inspiration for getting one in the first place, are usin myspace so i gotta get in on it if i wanna develop effective teaching tools, feel me?

fiercelyfab said...

HOpefully you found Sky...she da bomb!
I know your blog does resemble Myspace--I hear you Myspace is really popular, especially among our jente and very young folks plus everyone else in between.

Girl I totally hear you--you do what you do, and keep networking and raising awareness with youth and friends with stuff that works.

I'm not into Myspace more because I just already have too much shit on-line. So the best thing to do is reject it before I even think to open an account.

Again, I'm trying to get rid of what I have...and not create more. But my blog ain't going nowhere especially now.

Talk to you later...