Friday, December 29, 2006

"Ghetto Pass Person of the Year: You, Caucasians"

"Assimilated Negro's "Ghetto Pass" series has done it again. Puttin it like is it and get you crackin the f*ck up! The last one for this year looks at the details of gentrification in our hoods. Its hard to pick and choose what to quote but this one, #1 on his list of 'types of caucasians you might find in your hood,' reveals his sarcastic humor quite clearly: The Black Caucasian - This is the Caucasian that is so adamant and vigilant about their pro-black opinions that you'd think they MUST be black if you had not already seen their pastier-than-paste person in the flesh. Someday they will all rejoice as black folk export them back-to-Africa on 100% genuine mahogany slave ships. Some of the other types will bring back head shaking memories of encounters with the kind in your hood if it's begun its process of being gentrified (also described in detail)...

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