Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's Rochester Like??

A city I'm still tryna figure out..

Anybody who's Latino is Puerto Rican

Black folks don't head straight to the back of the bus like they do in NYC and in the Bay Area

The bus lines run about two hours apart

The ghetto is seriously dilapidated

The white suburbian areas have sprinkles of dilapidated vacancies (and dilapidated occupied houses) - I walked in the middle of a process of gentrification (in a dying city as I was told??)

White folks think the suburbs is still the city

Black folks say white folks live in the suburbs

White folks are dead scared to drive in the hood even during the day (nothin new here)

Puerto Rican folks still hang their flags outside their houses, just like they do in NYC and the Bay Area when you find them

The suburbs are flooded with USA flags, I get mean mugged on those streets (nothin new here either)

The cops disturb the peace in white neighborhoods when they're disturbing the Black folks who live in them

Most white folks have issues saying the word ghetto.. as if it were the "N" word

Renting homeowners talk about gentrification as if it was the greatest thing, and refer to the new "Boulders Coffee" on the block as a sure mark of it.. what's with coffee and gentrification??

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