Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Quotes from Malcolm X's Autobiography..

"Don't condemn if you see a person has a dirty glass of water... just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won't have to say that your is better."

"Go after the young people..once you get them, the older ones will follow through shame."

"For evil to bend its knees, admitting its guilt, to implore the forgiveness of God, is the hardest thing in the world."

"The truth can be quickly received, or received at all, only by the sinner who knows and admits that he is guilty of having sinned much.... only guilt admitted accepts truth."

"The white Southerner was always given due by Mr. Muhammad. The white Southerner, you can say one thing - he is honest. He bares his teeth to the black man; he tells the black man, to his face, that Southern whites never will accept phony 'integration.' The Southern white goes further, to tell the black man that he means to fight him every inch of the way - against even the so-called 'tokenism.' The advantage of this is the Southern black mean never has been under any illusions about the opposition he is dealing with.
"You can say for many Southern white people that, individually, they have been paternalistically helpful to many individual Negroes. But the Northern white man, he grins with his teeth, and his mouth has always been full of tricks and lies of 'equality' and 'integration.' When one day all over America, a black hand touched the white man's shoulder, and the white man turned, and there stood the Negro saying 'Me, too...,' why, that Northern liberal shrank from that black man with as much guilt and dread as any Southern white man."

I'll be updating my list of quotes as I read...

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