Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just like old times...

Made it to NYC and I'm really feeling in my element! Although I'm still trying to finish up some grad school work, I'm taking the necessary time out here and there to see fam and celebrate my sister's birthday. Yesterday was prob the best umm... Dec 25th I've had yet! I got to spend it with lil sis in her neighborhood taking some ameture model photos in the Bronx. It was just like old times, when we would make the best of our imaginations with what little we had, except now our play tools have upgraded to digital cams and play spaces to anywhere on the block we please to roam. Check out a few images below and if you wanna see more, click on the little flickr badge to your left.



1 comment:

bint alshamsa said...

These are beautiful! Forget the amateur stuff; they look straight out of magazine!