Monday, November 26, 2007

Because the Zapatistas are a role model for hope

Break the silence
by way of Necalli Olin Tonatiuh via Zapagringo

A few selections from Necalli Olin Tonatiuh's article. Please visit link for full text- this is crucial.

The Government intends to dismantle Zapatista autonomous municipalities

In an offensive of a ferocity unprecedented in the last 9 years - since the
government of Roberto Albores Aguillen and Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leo'n
ordered the dismantling of the Zapatista autonomous municipalities - the
autonomous Zapatista communities are suffering a brutal attack on the part
of the Mexican State through their agrarian institutions, "Public Security"
instances, the Mexican Federal Army and the formation of paramilitary
groups. The increase of aggressions and the intents of land seizures and
forced evictions are getting alarmingly worse.


Subtotal of hectares designed for seizures and evictions: 10.544 hectares.

The present list of populations subjected to and threatened by being robbed
and violently displaced from their lands and territories totals less than a
half of the threatened communities; this enumeration is only partial.

The threats of seizures and evictions are accompanied by daily aggressions
against Zapatista support bases of the types: threats, arbitrary detentions,
damages of private property, lesions, injuries under the use of prohibited
arms, robberies, abuses of office, etc. In a particularly shameful and
selective form, federal and state authorities adopt political prisoners to
use them in illegal and illegitimate negotiations, attempting to trade
releases for evictions.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Raw processing...

So yesterday I put myself through a healing writing processes. I realized that I had been spending so much time engaged in all these other activities in academia that don't always take my own humanity into account. I'm realizing how difficult it is to get through when I ignore that inner me. The academic work (busy work) I'm asked to do is surface level, never getting into the heart of issues, or at least not to the depth that I see them, or I am constantly engaged in resisting, resisting, resisting- mostly with very little or no support. I realized that I'm not doing much in actualizing/creating.
"My creativity - that's what I am missing, lost, silenced, tamed- for who, what, when did this occur and how do I take up the courage to draw it back and become?"

After some more writing, there was something else that was painful I was realizing. That for the most part, I had been alone- some part of me has been alone, if not all of me. I can't name one person alive that knows me completely. The "who" that was and has been in the process of becoming. There are a few people that know me at different stages of my life, people I love. But nobody, that knows all of me. That shit tripped me out. And it left me thinking more about spaces I allow (or not allow) myself to completely be.
"And if I should die tomorrow, only my ancestors who sent me here would know who I was to become, what I have struggled through, what I have come to know..."

Then I asked myself,
"What would I have to offer them?"

I thought about purpose. Staying focused. I know why I am here, and without this purpose, there is no existence.
"I cannot die and go back effortless. The concept of a warrior."

But this is where I hit bedrock in search of the earth's core. Are there parts of my own humanity that were meant to be sacrificed for the sake of purpose? Do the two really have to contradict? My mind says no, because revolutionary change and one's humanity are synonymous. But in actuality, it sometimes seems as if there's never enough time or space for both...

And yes, as the grainy photobooth picture indicates, I am tired and emotionally/physically burnt out!

The people's voice and Youtube..

I've been on youtube lately and I'm really excited about what people are doing with it lately. You have your everyday folks putting their critiques on the injustices of neo-colonialism out there and creating their own counter-narratives. While its easy to assume that most folks don't care, here you have people of various educational and socio-economic levels taking the time and effort to be heard and educate others on social and political issues ranging from the Jena 6, the prison industrial complex, sexism, racism, homophobia, globalization, war, you name it- its on youtube! Here are only a few of the "channels" out there I've come across:
and of course my own, which is still under development...

Do you have a channel? please share!