Sunday, July 30, 2006

I dug that thing..

I dug that thing
Dropped a seed rooted deep
Looked into the ground and couldn’t see but
The earth felt cool and sweet against my fingertips
As I took ma time slowly pushing the earth back into its place
Bringin ma mind into this
Whatyoumacallit I was diggin
Watering this space with liquid caution, liquid soul
I was really feelin this
But had no idea what would sprout and unfold

In between ma daily grind I couldn’t ignore the question that rang in ma mind
Some secret anticipation I wanted to ignore
But the sun was so bright, it showed
What am I really sowin on this here ground?
The question came out almost shouting
You answered with rain and fire
Life and death
Inside there was somethin happenin
Some hurricane
A storm
Outside there was stillness
A silence that sounded like some chord that struck outside this
Whatyoumacallit frequency
I wondered if what I had really planted was a rock or a seed


Cocacy said...

Great poem and great blog. I look forward to reading other posts from you.

skyscraper said...

this is so gentle and pretty.